Understand Long Exposure Photography

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Long exposure photography is both easier and harder than you think.

After reading Scott Kivowitz’s ebook, I fell in love with it.

Because I like to imagine it as a tradition handed down by our ancestors –like fire or wineries or even the wheel. I know. I know. The camera was only recently invented, but I love imagining that long time ago some caveman sat next to a great pool of water and entered a quiet state of calm and serenity.

He stared at the stillness. He let the waters slow him down. He lost himself in that comforting peace.

Ever since then we have become a species wishing to control the waters, the rage, the seas, and light. I like to believe that in long exposed photographs we see how calm the world can really be.

And I know what you’re thinking, “But wait aren’t you going a little too far in this praise?” No, I’m not. Just look at these photographs. They’re beautiful.

Long Exposure Photography
Long Exposure Photography

But there are two things you need to know about this type of photography:

1) It’s not as hard as you think it is

2) It’s a lot harder than you think.

I’m kidding, right? How can something be two things at once? Well, it’s simple. It depends on two things. Gear and technique.

The gear’s the easy part. You just got to buy what you need. The hard part is technique. So that’s what Scott’s Kivowitz’s ebook is for. You’ll learn the specifics to getting great long exposed photographs alongside professional gear recommendations (in fact, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to gear).

Long Exposure Photography

Learn Scott’s favorite techniques + get 144 specially developed presets


And when I say technique I mean you’ll get step by step walkthroughs of Scott’s most trusted approaches to long exposure photography. You’ll get the reasons why Scott’s work is so wonderful.

One my favorite techniques I learned from Scott is a thing called “ghost-togging”. It’s great. It’s artistic. And most importantly a really cool in-camera effect all photographers should know how to do.

To explain it. Let me you ask you question.

Did you know you could set up a camera and tripod in Times Square and with a long enough exposure you could completely remove all the people in the frame. Yes, not a single person in the photo. In Times Square.

Everybody gone because you exposed for time stiller than their movements.

Yeah, I know you want to go out and try it. It’s a great technique. That’s long-exposure photography for you.

But the reason we decided to share this ebook with you – remember there are tons of ebooks out there – is because Kivowitz’s a long exposure wiz. He’s kinda like me – really geeked out about how beautiful long exposure photography is.

You can tell from his images in this ebook. Remember long exposures do not have to be minutes. Seconds can create interesting and exciting effects.

Long Exposure Photography

You’ll learn it all. Plus. And this is a BIG PLUS. You’ll also get 144 presets that will complement your images. With these presets, you’ll achieve better silky smooth in your silky smooth waters, better brights in your bright reflections, and better blue in your striking blue skies.

This is a package you won’t find anywhere else. Written by a photographer who knows his stuff.


  • 7 Chapters Giving You All the Techniques & Gear Advice You’ll Need
  • A Portfolio of How to Work with Neutral Density Filters
  • A Summary of the Most Optimal Camera Settings
  • Tons of Photographic Examples to Gauge Your Work
  • Scott’s own Workflow Mapped Inside a Checklist

About the Author: Scott Kivowitz

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a Manalapan, New Jersey Photographer sharing his passion for photography any way he can. Scott is also the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati, teaching other photographers on how to increase business with their website and the writer for this book on Long Exposure Photography which is quite a best-seller.

Long Exposure Photography

 Are you ready for an adventure?

Learn the specifics to getting great long exposed photographs alongside professional gear recommendations


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