The Camera Lens Cap Holder

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The easiest and most secure way to hold your lens cap!


Your lens cap is a hassle to keep track of. Putting a lens cap in your pocket attracts lint and dust that can damage your lens. Putting it down somewhere makes it very easy to lose.

The Camera Lens Cap Holder is the answer to all your woes. This nifty device fits right onto your camera strap so you always know where to find your lens cap. Just thread it onto your camera strap like a buckle. Besides keeping your lens cap secure, this device will make sure your cap is free of dust, pocket lint, dirt and water.

It fits many brands of lens caps including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, and many others. Each cap fits up to three sizes (82-77-72 or 67-58-52). Pick your size at checkout.

Thumb_lenscapholder_001 Thumb_lenscapholder_002 Thumb_lenscapholder_003 Thumb_lenscapholder_004 Thumb_lenscapholder_005
 Lens Cap


  • Never lose your lens cap again!
  • Secure and tight fit
  • Each holder can fit three different sizes (82-77-72 or 67-58-52)
  • Successfully backed on Kickstarter!
  • Fits on most standard camera straps

What publications are saying about the Camera Lens Cap Holder

“If you’re a perennial lens cap dropper, this kickstarter project might just save you a scratched lens or two.”


” cap holder finally gets it right. I have a feeling the inventor is going to have a success on his hands.”




“Like the inventor of the  cap-holder, I too have lost two lens caps in the past. While you can pick a replacement up for next to nothing on eBay, this Kickstarter project is a better idea.”
“Makes sure that you won’t lose a lens cap again. The [device] secures your camera’s lens cap to the neck strap or camera bag. The design is elegantly simple; a single part that threads onto a camera’s neck strap.”



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