Photographer Shoot-Off: Lara Jade vs Joey L photography training

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Lara Jade vs Joey L — Watch the amazing trailer and get a photography training

Over 4 hours of amazing photography training


Joey L and Lara Jade are two of the most inspiring young photographers out there. They’ve worked with countless celebrities, commercial clients, and top fashion models.

Amazingly, both of them are younger than the age of 25!

In this video, Lara Jade and Joey L will teach you how they produce beautiful images, except with a twist. They will compete against each other in 4 different photographic challenges. During each challenge, you’ll get the privilege of seeing exactly how they shoot and edit their photos.

Lara’s elegant fashion photography is drastically different from Joey’s edgy and dramatic photography. Each photographer will interpret the challenges differently, and you’ll learn techniques from their contrasting styles.

Who will win?

4 unique challenges teaching you a wide range of photographic skills and techniques

See exactly how Lara Jade retouched this image

During each challenge you’ll see in-depth looks and explanations on multiple shoots. Both are incredibly creative in their approach to photography, and it’s hard not to become inspired by their ideas. The contrast between their styles is also very conducive to learning because you’re not limited to only one photographer’s ideas.

I really enjoyed the Photoshop sections a lot as well. Both retouch their own photos. You’ll see step-by-step how Joey gets his amazing, edgy look with Photoshop and how he uses compositing to create a final image. Lara will reveal her secrets to getting beautiful color tones and her techniques for giving her photos a creating surreal, fantasy atmosphere.

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(The images above are from shoots featured in these videos. You’ll see exactly how Joey & Lara shot these photos.)

Challenge #1: Color Portrait

The goal of this challenge is to capture a portrait of someone while utilizing colors effectively.

Lara creates a birthday-themed fashion shoot using simple, but unique props. She gets creative on a minimal budget. Most of the props are available at a local grocery store. You’ll see how her shoot comes together with styling, makeup, and lighting. Using Photoshop, Lara demonstrates how she gets the beautiful vintage color tones common on her fashion portraits.


Joey photographs the lead singer of the band, Foxy Shazam. You’ll see how Joey makes his own special orb light-modifier just for the shoot and how he added a smoke machine for fire effects. In Photoshop, Joey enhances the final image by compositing several elements together.


Challenge #2: On Location

Both of the photographers must find a great location to shoot an amazing photo.

Joey travels to India to get some shots with the locals. Because he’s on location, he uses limited equipment and shoots with only one light. He photographs a street barber who gives his friend a shave.

See how Joey combines his single flash with the ambient light to create a beautiful image and make certain aspects of his photo stand out. Joey will also teach you how he color grades his image with an earth tone color palette.

Lara uses only natural light to capture photos on-location. Instead of relying on her lights, she adapts to her environment and makes use of what’s available. The end result is an ethereal and surreal-looking image using only light from the sun.

In this photography training Lara will show you techniques to control your light even when you don’t have your own artificial light source. In Photoshop you’ll get to see how Lara smoothes out the skin and selectively darken and lighten areas on the model.

Challenge #3: Photograph a Stranger

Photographing a stranger in a strange location creates all sorts of problems so you’ll get to see how Joey and Lara handle this unique situation.

Joey travels to Bolivia to find pure strangers that can’t even speak his language. In Photoshop he uses HDR techniques and builds a wide panoramic image together.

photography training

In Lara’s first try she captures pictures of a man and a woman in the city. She admits that she’s not too thrilled with the results. In her next attempt she goes to Hawaii to photograph a stranger underwater using a special camera housing case. Using Photoshop, Lara gives her image a dreamy and moody feel.


Challenge #4: Studio

The challenge forces both photographers to work in a studio. Joey doesn’t have access to studio space, so he is forced to make a shoot happen in his New York apartment.

Joey comes up with a creative “mind-blowing” concept using his friend as a model. In Photoshop, Joey uses layer masks and compositing to create his final image.

Lara creatively uses a projector and studio lights to create a renaissance style vintage shoot. She uses an interesting background and does her own styling with materials found at home.


“What’s best about this DVD is that you have two young photographers with fairly fresh eyes and two unique styles approaching the same challenge in their own way. I truly believe that every photographer can learn something from this DVD, whether you’re a beginner or a lifetime pro.”
Eric Reichbaum
“The photography in this DVD is stunning. I am bored by 90% of photography out there but I was captivated by both Lara and Joey’s images throughout. Of course, you only have to go online to see their images, so it’s the content of the explanational material that is the object to review here.”
Miss Aniela
Miss Aniela Blog

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