The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course


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Landscape photography ideas to breathe new life into your work

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Author: Ian Plant

How To Live Up To The Pressure Of Capturing Mesmerising Landscape Photos

Stunning landscapes are like the Holy Grail for novice and professional photographers alike.

We are constantly in search of that perfect landscape photo.

The deserts, oceans, mountains and lakes hold so much drama within them. It takes just the right technique with your camera to bring that out for your audience.

But as much as you struggle in the quest, the perfect landscape shots still remain elusive.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t quite capture that stunning view which has stolen your heart. And you feel like you can’t rest until you get it just right.

So you work tirelessly, trying different angles, different lenses, different lighting tricks.

Still, it doesn’t meet your expectations or match the vision you have in your mind.

There are a select few landscape photographers who have unlocked all the secrets.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn from one of them?

Imagine having an experienced and successful landscape photographer show you all his tricks.

It would save you many hours of time, and also revive your passion and excitement for this elusive art form.

Well, now’s your chance!

landscape photography ideas

Video and eBook on Landscape Photography Ideas

This comprehensive landscape photography ideas course comes with everything you need to rejuvenate your landscape photos.

Here is everything included in this course.

  • More than 20 video lessons
  • A 120-page Ebook
  • Bonus resources
  • Self-paced learning
  • Lifetime access to the course via mobile or desktop device

Landscape Photography Ideas At Your Fingertips

Once you’ve purchased this course, your life will never be the same.

Instantly you will have all the landscape photography ideas you could ever need.

The course is taught by 15-year landscape photographer Ian Plant. As a regular contributor to publications such as Landscape Photography Magazine, there’s no one better to instruct you in all the ins and outs of the craft. Ian is a sought-after instructor, who often shares his expertise at workshops, conferences and other events. And now all his knowledge can be available to you for immediate access whenever you need it.

Easily accessible on your devices, you can move through the lessons as slowly or quickly as you want, and can always go back and watch a lesson over and over again if needed.

landscape photography ideas

The skills you can gain from this course simply can’t be found anywhere else.

No other course will give you mastery of the near-far style, a kind of composition that will quickly set your landscape photos apart.

Nowhere else can you learn how to use weather events to your advantage to produce breathtaking photography.

While everyone else waits for the next sunny day, you will be creating striking images that use wind, rain and snow for the ultimate dramatic effect.

You can learn to balance your exposure, the hidden secret to your best sunrise and sunset shots.

landscape photography ideas

In short, this course holds everything necessary to set you apart as a master of landscape photography.

These days, it seems like everyone thinks they’re a landscape photographer, snapping photos with their phones and posting them to their social media.

But the true artists stand out. And you can be one of them.

The course takes you on location in the Utah desert and takes you through every step of the process.

You can watch as Ian works with existing light and weather conditions to achieve an unparalleled effect.

And then you can take that effect and make it your own.

landscape photography ideas

As a hobbyist for 10 years and a professional for 15, Ian learned most of these secrets through trial and error. It took him many years and countless hours of dedication to acquire this insider knowledge.

But you get to skip all that.

And it’s not only time, but money you’ll save as well.

Because as we all know…time is money.

Speaking of money, now is the best time to make an investment in your landscape photography skills.

Because for a limited time, we’re offering this entire course for just $39.

That’s a stunning discount off its regular price of $99.

landscape photography ideas

So purchase this course today for limitless landscape photography ideas.


Plus Price: $23.2

This deal ran out of Whoa.
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