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Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Ideas



This freebie will teach you how to create stunning night photographs.

Collection of Night Photography Ideas

Why Night Photography?

One might wonder, it’s fun to take photos when there is light. When it becomes dark, its time to go home.

But not for the night photographer.

A night photographer is amazed by the beauty of the evening sky and the mysteries it unravels. It is as if a child is given a pandora’s box.

Star trails. Nightscapes. Moonrises. These mean the world to him.

Have you ever tried shooting at night?

So how did it go? Did your photographs come out the way you wanted them? Did you find yourself lacking in night photography ideas?

Did you wish there was help somewhere?

Are Night Photography Ideas Difficult to come by?

Don’t worry if you thought it was hard. Shooting at night is a completely different approach than regular shooting.

This is because the shots take longer to expose. But once you master it, it is a lot more fun as well.

That’s why we thought we’d give you a great starting guide to night photography ideas. Clocking in under 28 pages, this freebie is easy to digest and useful enough for any nightscape enthusiast.

So if you’re unafraid of the challenge, Introduction to Night Photography will familiarize you with the genre’s most popular tools and techniques.

You’ll learn both the must-have equipment and the most practical ideas to keep in mind while you’re staring up at the night sky.

night photography ideas from benn

Get ready to unravel the mysteries of the night.


6 reviews for Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Ideas

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