Instagram 101 : Everything You Need To Know

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A unique course to help you market your Photography business using Instagram!

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Author: PhotoWhoa

How Do You Really Feel About Using Social Media For Your Photography?

While the process can be frustrating and time-consuming, it’s also one of the best tools available to photographers today.

Instagram in particular is an easy way to build exposure for your work. Not only is it effective, but it’s free.

So why aren’t more photographers using it to its full potential?

Maybe because, as with any tool, you have to know how to use it correctly.

Instagram Photography

It’s more than just posting a photo every once in a while.

It’s about seeing your work as a potential client would see it. Putting not just your photos out there, but your personality, your artistry, and most of all, your business smarts. Basically pitching your service through your Instagram Photography.

Because the truth is, Instagram is much more than a social media platform. It is an incredible business tool.

Yet shockingly, some photographers are not using Instagram at all.

Others are using it, but without any tangible results.

If you’re one of those people, stop ignoring Instagram! You can learn to use it to breathe new life into your photography business. And there’s no time like the present.

All you need is a little guidance and instruction to master your Instagram Business.

Instagram Photography

Hey Photographers, All The Secrets You Need To Know About Instagram

This comprehensive video course has everything you need to know about harnessing the power of Instagram in the service of your photography business.

Here are all the topics covered:

  • The basics on uploading images
  • The reasons you need to set your account to a business profile
  • How to use business analytics tools
  • Guidelines for writing a bio that attracts potential clients
  • The importance of a consistent Instagram Photography posting “style”
  • Everything you need to know about hashtags: what they are and how to use them to build your client base
  • Creating and using a branded hashtag
  • How to utilize location hashtags and use them to your advantage
  • Instagram contest ideas for every photography niche, guaranteed to get you more followers
  • How to use Instagram to research where your potential clients are
  • The ins and outs of image captions with hashtags
  • How often and when to post
  • Ideas on the content to post for every niche
  • The right way to gain followers
  • Creating Instagram stories and using them to build engagement
  • The creation of effective highlights and highlight covers
  • The best places to create graphics, as well as the right kind of graphics to post on your Instagram feed, stories and highlights
  • Everything you need to know about Instagram TV and how to use it in your photography business

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get these Bonus videos thrown in for good measure. A transcript is included for each.

  • How to post an image to Instagram
  • How to create an Instagram story
  • How to create an Instagram highlight

A Sneak Peak In The Course

Instagram Photography
Instagram Photography
Instagram Photography
Instagram Photography

Your Photography Business Will Never Be The Same

Anyone can set up and use an Instagram account.

But there are not many people who can leverage Instagram to grow a business.

Once you’ve learned how to do this, you’ll be amazed at all the doors that will open to you, with very little effort at all.

Not only will you be posting awesome samples of your work. But you will be using those samples to build a name, to cultivate relationships, to get more and more recognition. 

And we all know that relationships and recognition mean more business for you. The art of promoting your business using Instagram Photography will get you the reach you need.

With billions of people using Instagram every day, this is an opportunity that you just can’t afford to miss.

Instagram Photography
Instagram Photography

Think about it. Free exposure for your photography on a global platform. What’s not to love about that?

Especially with the detailed expertise that you will get from this course.

In no time at all, you will be an Instagram pro!

You will be doing more than just post a photo occasionally.

You’ll be owning your stories, your feed, your highlights, your Instagram TV.

The lessons are available to you immediately after purchase, and will be an easy and convenient reference as you learn to navigate this one-of-a-kind social media platform. Use your photography skills to promote your Instagram Photography.

And the best part of all? You can now snag this course, along with bonus video footage, for just $19.99.

But don’t wait, because this deal won’t last.

Instagram Photography

Purchase This Course To Master Instagram & Grow Your Photography Business Today.

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3 reviews for Instagram 101 : Everything You Need To Know

  1. [email protected]

    I love this product! I just bought it and I already love it! Thank You!

  2. Michael

    Great content. Much like everything with photo whoa, you cant go wrong.
    Gives you good information if you are brand new to instagram, and some tools and tricks if you are experienced user.

  3. [email protected]

    Very informative and have some good idea on how to promote your business would recommend

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