$500 worth of image editing tools for under $50

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Author: Gavin Philips

One Low Price for a Repertoire of Image Editing Tools

As a photographer, you are constantly striking that tough balance between finding the right image editing tools to get the job done while still sticking to your budget.

After all, you work hard for every dollar you earn. And you want every purchase to yield big results.

But when you purchase a video tutorial here, a set of backgrounds there, after a while it can really add up!

Not to mention, it doesn’t even come close to satisfying your appetite for as wide a variety as possible of effects, backgrounds, templates and tools.

As an artist, your mood changes with the season, even with the hour. What you wanted for yesterday’s project isn’t even close to what you want for your work today.

Of course, it’s completely impractical to purchase a different set of tools every time you want to start a new project.

What if you could purchase every tool or resource you could ever need for one low price?

Then you would have everything you needed at your fingertips all the time.

Well…we have some good news for you.

$500 Worth of Image Editing Tools From Layercake

With this new deal, you can purchase a Layercake gift card with a value of $500 for just $49.50.

This gift card is valid for 6 months & gives you the option to purchase your choice of tools from among 60+ image editing tools from Layercake shop that will transform your photography.

No more combing through websites and online stores in search of the perfect image editing tools, only to find something that you use just once.

You can now access StudioMagic’s full collection of offerings: virtual sets, actions, plugins and backgrounds for every occasion and every kind of photography are at your figertips.

And with this gift card deal, you can truly stretch your dollar farther than you would have ever thought possible.

Whether you want to create a collection of dramatic winter photos or you’re just trying out some of the newest tricks in Lightroom, everything you need is right here!

The time and money you’ll save can be put right back into your photography…on better equipment, and in more time spent networking and staging stunning photo shoots.

Your workflow will become intuitive and effortless, leading to more productivity. Increased output of gorgeous, unique photos will most definitely grab the attention of your viewing audience.

image editing tools 3
image editing tools 5
image editing tools 4
image editing tools 6
image editing tools 2
image editing tools 11
image editing tools 10
image editing tools 12

Choose from 60+ products of Layercake

Here are just a few of the Layercake products available for purchase with this once-in-a-lifetime gift card deal.

An unbeatable opportunity

The most popular products in Layercake online store range in price from $90 to around $200, so you can imagine how cost-prohibitive it would be to purchase even a few of them individually.

But the $500 value of this Layercake gift card opens up new possibilities to purchase all the image editing tools that will enhance your craft at a price you can afford.

That’s because we’re offering you this gift card at a stunning price of just $49.95.

With so many amazing tools at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

If you are considering this is as a gift to the photographer in your life, rest assured that it is an inexpensive way to change his or her life forever.

image editing tools 8

Any photographer will instantly find so many opportunities open up with products that will transform his or her craft.

No other opportunity exists for such unprecedented access to the best image editing tools out there.

The sheer number of available items means that you will never lack for inspiration again. Every effect you’ve ever imagined is now available to you.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime deal on the best image editing tools available today

1 review for $500 worth of image editing tools for under $50

  1. StaneeRae

    Very nice collection of stock photos of animals, birds, etc., at a great discount. I plan on using these to create art pieces, combined with my own photos, texture overlays, etc.
    I contacted the vendor directly to ask about licensing. They replied that you could use these images as part of a new composition, and then offer the resulting image for sale. So this does include commercial license possibilities.

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