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Make your photos absolutely breathtaking with Gry Garness’s  digital retouching method

gry garness Digital Retouching

Learn digital retouching techniques that have been used on countless album covers, commercials, and multimedia from one of the best.

This guide is more than just your everyday e-book – it’s an interactive experience containing multimedia to help you better absorb the material and Digital Retouching. Before and After rollovers show you how the results with many photos, and “speech bubble” popups guide you effortlessly through the book. Last but not least, video clips in the guide give you a unique opportunity to look over Gry Garness’s shoulders as you watch the exact process she uses to produce compelling photos.

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  • Gry Garness’s complete workflow and why you should learn from it
  • How to deal with difficult skin situations like blotchiness, pimples, shine, and more
  • The most detailed instruction you’ll ever get on fixing hair
  • Truly professional techniques for enhancing parts of the face
  • Learn to edit the details first before attacking the entire image
  • Tips specifically for retouching children & men
  • Special “case studies” – how exactly did Gry retouch an image and how you can do the same

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The tutorials are presented as step-by-step recipes accompanied by a varied range of high-quality imagery and multimedia. The emphasis is on promoting good technique and skills while using non-destructive editing. There’s enough detail for inexperienced Photoshop users to follow along, but more advanced users will get retouching tools and techniques that they literally can not find anywhere else.

Note: Although the guide is specifically created for Photoshop CS5, you can easily use the same concepts on older & newer versions of Photoshop.

“The title is absolutely comprehensive and completely methodical… The e-book pages are littered with postproduction tips, not purely digital practices… Gry Garness stamps her quality and professionalism all over this title’s creative techniques.”
Advanced Photoshop Magazine
“After reading the entire book I have to say one word: EXCELLENT!! Very clear, concise, and lots of great tips and advice. I learned different ways of approaching things and picked up ways of working which are more efficent and produce better results.”
Satisfied Customer

To become an expert in Digital Retouching, you must learn from the best, and Gry Garness is one of the best in the world. Read this guide to drastically improve your retouching skills. Use professional industry-insider techniques to start creating the same kind of photos you see on magazines covers.


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