Transform Your Garage Into the Studio of Your Dreams

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Finally, a step-by-step guide to creating a garage studio

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Author: Mike Hagen

As a photographer, your art often seems to take over your personal life. It’s hard sometimes to know where one ends and the other begins.

That’s the reason that the creation of a garage studio is a great idea.

It’s the perfect solution to your space needs as a photographer.

Many photographers create studios right in their own living rooms.

But this can make it tough to balance the needs of your friends and family with the needs of your craft.

Another option is to rent out a studio outside your home. But this can be expensive as well as inconvenient.

Have you ever thought of using your garage?

After all, it has everything you need: space, privacy, and good lighting.

But is it really possible to transform your garage into a working photography studio? And how could this be done?

There are many things to consider if you’ve made the decision to create a garage studio. Special techniques for lighting, equipment, and camera settings must be taken into account.

If you’re thinking of making a studio in your garage, you may feel overwhelmed at all these practical considerations. You may be wondering if anyone has ever done this before, and what guidance they might be able to give you.

Well, we have the answers.

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Turn Your Garage Into The Photo Studio – Watch Trailer Below

Step-by-step Instructions For Creating A Garage Studio

This simple and straightforward video course will give you everything you need to transform your garage into the photography studio of your dreams.

Once purchased, your membership login makes the course instantly available. You can watch it as many times as needed, and keep it on hand for easy reference.

Each chapter is divided into simple lesson segments, making it easy to access the information you need at any time.

With this guide, you can begin producing professional quality photos in your garage immediately. No one will even be able to tell that they were not created in a professional photography studio. Every detail will be perfect.

But you will be able to tell. Because you will no longer have to leave your home to go to a rented studio, or to sacrifice the sacred space of your own home.

A garage studio is truly the ultimate solution to the problem of artistic space. Some of the greatest inventors and creative minds did their best work in a garage…and there are very good reasons!

Now you can achieve the same level of artistic brilliance. You too can work in your own garage without compromising on quality or professionalism.

If you’re not sure this is right for you, the Introductory chapter is available as a free preview.

Synopsis Of The Chapters

  1. Intro
  2. Chapter 1 – Gear and Settings. Everything you need to know to use the settings on your camera to their full potential.
  • The Garage Space
  • Cameras and Lenses for Garage Studios
  • Strobes vs. Speedlights
  • Choosing a Speedlight
  • Camera and Flash Settings

III. Chapter 2 – Backgrounds. How to make your garage look like anything you want.

  • Garage Studio Equipment
  • Background Supports and Stands
  • Backgrounds and Backdrops
  • Seamless Paper Backgrounds

IV. Chapter 3 – Light Modifiers. Insider secrets for achieving lighting effects.

  • Using Umbrellas
  • Using Softboxes and Octaboxes
  • Using Reflectors
  • Using V-Flats

V. Chapter 4 – Lighting Setups. A variety of techniques for using natural and artificial light effectively.

  • One Light Setups
  • Two Light Setups
  • Three Light Setups
  • Shooting with an Open Garage Door

Check out A Few Sample Picture Clicked In The Garage Studio

Everything You Need To Create Your Garage Studio

Once you’ve learned the skills presented in this video course, there will be no going back! You will love your garage studio, and won’t even be able to remember what you did before you had it.

You will become addicted to the luxury of having a professional photographer’s studio in such easy proximity to your home.

Beyond your own personal convenience, your professional results will be amazing! The work you produce will be a better quality than anything you could achieve in a rented studio or inside your living space.



While you may find advice on garage studios from any amateur, this gives you the opportunity to learn from an expert. The course is taught by Mike Hagen, a seasoned master photographer. He brings his own experience and skill to bear on this topic.

A similar course anywhere else could cost hundreds of dollars. But you can access it for a one-time cost of just $49.95. For less than $50, you get knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime.

Because once you convert your garage to a studio, you will be able to use that space for years.

You can’t possibly make any better or more long-lasting investment in your photography business than this!

Purchase your path to your very own amazing garage studio today.

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3 reviews for Transform Your Garage Into the Studio of Your Dreams

  1. [email protected]

    This guide was VERY helpful, informative and full of great tips to make use of a room that was basically sitting around doing nothing during the day.

  2. John Fortson

    I really like this guide, it was very helpful and informative

  3. obinna Anadu

    This is one of my best purchase to date, having a spare garage and wondering how to turn it into a full time production studio, this is full of useful information for anyone with a garage and wondering how to go about it. This is most watch and highly recommended.

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