Street Photography Presets by Contrastly

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One-click enhancements for street photography

Instantly improve your photos with this Lightroom street photography presets by Contrastly.

Street Photography Presets by Contrastly

Want to make your street photography stand out without spending a ton of time in the editing lab?

We have exclusive street photography presets bundle for you that is ONLY available on PhotoWhoa for a limited time.

If you’ve been a photographer for as long as I have, you know that it’s tough sometimes to figure out how to create gorgeous photography without spending hours in the editing room.

That’s where Lightroom presets come in. This handy set will help you achieve awesome effects with a single click.

And the presets are made by Contrastly, one of the most trusted names in Lightroom presets today. They recently have made headlines for not only their Lightroom presets, but the amazing content they produce for photographers.

This particular set is targeted towards street photographers. In this set, you’ll find a wide range of looks that are perfect for you, ranging from Black & White to Film to Vintage looks.

Take a look below at some of the effects you’ll get within this pack.

street photography presets - 3
street photography presets - 2
street photography presets - 2

What’s inside this street photography presets bundle?

The street photography presets included in this set are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. In total, you’ll get 12 different presets aimed at street photographers.

Also checkout these 52 Lightroom Presets especially created for real estate photographers, available at 54% off.

Ready to start enhancing your photos?

Get a bundle of 12 street photography presets actions with this amazing set from Contrastly. EXCLUSIVE to PhotoWhoa.


14 reviews for Street Photography Presets by Contrastly

  1. Hesham


  2. [email protected]

    Super useful and saved me aloooot of time!

  3. charliepha

    Enhance your Photography with these Presets, much appreciated, thanks!

  4. Sherry Dansby

    Excellent….Easy to install and great to use.

  5. BADER

    Wonderful presets


    nice. thanks for the preset

  7. dervish images

    such good presets, excellent

  8. Angel De La Osa

    Thank you for the street photography presets. They made my post edition shorter and my photos better. I am very glad.

  9. bill kelley


  10. bill kelley

    Looking forward to the read.

  11. bill kelley

    What a great deal. Looking forward to the read.

  12. [email protected]

    Thank you for the street photography presets. They made my life easier and my photos better.

  13. Gene

    Thank you very much!

  14. George Aroldi

    Good contrast in a click, B&W and color themes.

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