Premium Fine Art Photoshop Actions by Bella Kotak

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the fine art universe

Many photographers believe fine art photography to be a vision oriented art; many believe it to be more about the emotion. There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to fine art photography.

I think of them more like a blend of both vision and emotion – it’s storytelling.

Fine art photography facilitates the vision of the artist and helps reach out to the world along with the feeling in it.

However, many photographers struggle to get there.

So, I decided to help my fellow artist and get them something that can add the missing piece.


Six premium fine art Photoshop actions

fine art photoshop actions1

The Royal Collection creates the magic of the fine art world in just one click. These actions have been artistically crafted to bring out the hidden emotion in your photographs by enhancing the depth of colors and emphasizing more on the painterly tones to your photos.

There are six different actions included which focus on various aspects of storytelling. Photoshop Actions listed in this deal  –
1. Once Upon A Time
2. Regal
3. Twilight
4. Midsummer’s Dream
5. Into The Woods
6. Black Gold

Each of this action is priced at $24.99 totaling the full bundle price is $149. But just for you, I have negotiated a special price. Now you can get this bundle at 60% off for a limited time only.

What’s Inside The Set?

Once Upon A Time

The muted blue highlights in this action bring in the feeling of a fairytale romance. The pastel tones of the spring blossom add up to the neutral element making it appear more elegant and realistic.


This actions adds up more of a vintage look and celebrates the timeless dimension of the photograph.


This action helps you add the magic of twilight hours to your photo.It gives the photography a mystical look, which I love.

Midsummer’s Dream

The yellow hue, with the mint green tones and pastel colored highlights, makes up a perfect blend and transforms your photo into a dreamland.

Into The Woods

The color play in this action adds a surreal effect to the photo. The dappled light through leaves and emerald tones of wild natural life, everything in this action makes me love it even more

Black Gold Action

Every color layer in this action has been carefully crafted to bring life, vibrancy, and a storytelling element to your picture.

Make Sure Your Fine Art Photos Don’t Lack The Emotional Connect

Get this set now at 60% off

Bella Kotak

A fine-art photographer based in Oxford, UK. Bringing the world of fairytale and magic to life through her photographs is a passion and colour plays such a huge role in her work. She believe colour toning can help create a mood, an atmosphere, enhance, or draw attention to a picture. It's an art form and one that she is learning more about each day. Every action has been crafted and tested over and over until it is something she is super proud of and use within her own workflow

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