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High-quality Photoshop Actions Divided Into 4 Unique Collections For Fine Art Photo Effects

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Find the Best Fine Art Actions for Your Photographs

Fine art actions should be in the portfolio of every Photoshop user. They create artful effects in seconds and inspire you to take better photographs.

That’s because these actions are thoughtfully designed by Photoshop editing masters.

They combine adjustments and effects and let you apply all of them with just one click.

Each of them is unique and recreates a particular atmosphere, mood, or feeling and you can never have enough of these Photoshop actions.

Before After Results On A Toddler's Photo
Joya Photoshop action applied on a lady's portrait

However, you should be careful. There is a thin line between art and kitsch. You don’t want to edit your photographs too much and overpower their natural beauty.

Especially when you photograph people, your photographs should preserve the personality and attitude of your subject.

And the fine art actions you use should be able to edit all skin tones and reveal people’s inner beauty.

But how can you find those high-quality Photoshop actions that improve your images sweetly and naturally? We have the answer!

4 Fine Art Photoshop Actions Bundles for Mesmerizing Portraits

The Lumina Collection

60 Fine Art Actions for Creamy and Polished Portraits, Wedding Pictures, and Newborns Photo Sessions

  • 6 Retouch Brushes
  • 6 Color Correcting Brushes
  • 5 Bokeh Effects
  • 12 One-Click Workflows
  • 13 Paint-In Color Brushes
  • 6 Vignettes
  • 5 Mattes
  • 8 Shortcut Actions

The Sugar Glow Skin Collection

18 Fine Art Actions for Retouching Skin

  • 13 Paint-On Skin Tones
  • 1 Smooth Skin with a Texture Set Action
  • 1 Super Smooth Skin Action
  • 1 Eye Palette
  • 1 Dodge and Burn Action
  • 1 Pearly White Teeth Action

The Falling For You Collection

44 Fine Art Actions for Rich Autumn Photographs

  • 6 Color Correcting Brushes
  • 2 Bokeh Effects
  • 10 One-Click Workflows
  • 4 Moveable Lights and Colors
  • 9 Paint-In Color Brushes
  • 4 Vignettes
  • 8 Shortcut Actions

The Joya Collection

63 Fine Art Actions for Dreamy Portraits, Wedding Pictures, and Newborns Photo Sessions

  • 6 Retouch Brushes
  • 6 Color Correcting Brushes
  • 7 Bokeh Effects
  • 12 One-Click Workflows
  • 14 Paint-In Color Brushes
  • 6 Vignettes
  • 4 Black and White Fine Art Actions
  • 8 Shortcut Actions
  • 3 Sparkle Bokeh and Light Overlays


  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC, Including the Newest CC Versions.
  • Compatible with Both Mac and Windows Devices.


  • This deal comes with an extended commercial license.

  • All the actions in this bundle can be used for any services you offer.

  • This product cannot be resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.

Before/After Results With These Photoshop Actions

Lumina Collection

Before-after previews of lumina actions bundle
Before-after previews with lumina action bundle

The Sugar Glow Collection

Before after preview with sugar glow collection
Sugar skin action applied on a little girls photo

The Falling For You Collection

Fall action applied on a toddlers photo
Before after preview of falling for you action set

The Joya Collection

Joya action set before after preview
before after preview with joya photoshop action

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A Complete Fine Art Actions Collection at Your Fingertips

Joya fine art action applied on a photo
Falling for you fine art action preview

These fine art actions are designed particularly for portraits, newborn pictures, and wedding photographs. The collection includes retouches for all skin tones, creamy bokeh effects, soft vintage colors, vignettes, and others.

You’ll have 185 effects and actions to mix and match. It is impossible to get bored or lose interest. 

They are easy to use and help you enhance colors, make the subject stand out, and create blurry backgrounds in no time. You can even add some sparkles.

Girl with a unicorn
Photo collage of a little girl

But the main advantage of the collection is the storytelling ability. Each action tells a story. You can feel the warmth of the sun, the texture of leaves, and the smell of flowers.

This collection invites you into a fantasy world you’ll never want to leave. It is inspiring and touching.

Now you can take your photographs to the next level and deliver more than high-quality images to your clients. Make them feel special and loved. 

Get these beautiful fine art actions for just $39 and transform your photographs into artworks in seconds.

Get These Fine Art Actions At An Unbelievable Price!


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