Bombshell Boudoir Poses & Process Guide

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Get amazing boudoir poses from your models with this handy reference guide

Boudoir Poses

When you’re photographing women, the most important aspect of a good photo is the pose. A pose will easily make or break your image.

If you’re a boudoir photographer, you’ve probably experienced times when you just couldn’t get any good poses.

Have any of these situations happened to you?

  • Your model or client isn’t well versed in posing.
  • You’re having a brain fart and you can’t think of any more creative poses.
  • You’re a beginning photographer who isn’t sure what looks good and what doesn’t.
  • Your client is a heavier woman and you need to find poses that are better suited to her body type.

So how do you learn what kind of boudoir poses look good? How do you think up of new poses when you’re stuck?

Jen Hillenga’s Bombshell Boudoir Pose & Process Guide illustrates 60 of her award-winning poses. It’s a collection of Jpeg images that show you a pose and teach you how to direct your model to get that pose.


On each posing card Jen also tells you the methods she used to edit her image. Each card shows you the before and after image and instructions so you can replicate her style.

The guide is super convenient because you can load the Jpeg images onto your phone or iPad and keep it with you on your shoot (instructions to port the images to your phone are provided). When you need more ideas, flip through the images and try out some of Jen’s best boudoir poses.


It retails for $70, but PhotoWhoa was able to negotiate a great price on this product. Get it today for only $19!

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