2015 V-Day Business Strategy for Boudoir Photographers


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Author: infotheboudoirdivas-com

Boudoir Photographers, Don’t lose money this Valentine’s Day. Straighten out your marketing.

Business Strategy boudoir photographers

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day? Still stressed from last year? What’s your plan for this year? What are you going to do to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself? What are you going to do to guarantee you don’t lose any new business? Do you even have a plan?

Maybe, what you did last year worked. Maybe, it didn’t. Whatever the case, you know it’s last minute now. You know starting February 7th most of your calls will come in. If you had been prepared, you would already have started telling everybody your specials. Now.

That’s solid marketing. Looking ahead. Smart. Effective. Actions guaranteed to schedule a boudoir photographers business. Since you can’t book everybody, your time is limited. You have only twenty-four hours in a day. Only seven days in a week. Again, you need to start. Now.

Business Strategy

The Boudoir Divas have been in the business strategy for eight years. They’ve created this marketing packet to help boudoir photographers in the last minute. It’s both an ebook and two sets of marketing templates you can implement right now to make sure you squeeze every drop of your V-Day surge.

I can already smell the chocolate, the 14th is so close. In fact, I’ve already queued up some movies on Netflix — yes, I don’t have a date. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of dates to book. Start booking them now. Buy this marketing packet to help you maximize V-Day.

What’s in the packet? Why should I buy this?

You’re going to get two sets of fully editable marketing templates. Each set is designed around a unique theme. One’s more sexier than the other, but both are PSDs. Each comes with templates you can use for your social media campaigns (i.e., Facebook). You’ll also get a 21 page marketing ebook.

Business Strategy boudoir photographers

The ebook explains the PSDs in more detail and also helps you understand how to market yourself better for Valentine’s Day. You’ll get ideas, tips, and practical advice about what has worked for the Boudoir Divas and, of course, what hasn’t. You’ll get an upper hand most boudoir photographers ignore.

 What’s all included, again?

Business Strategy

  • 20 fully editable marketing templates to use for your boudoir business strategy (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements adaptable)

  • 21 page ebook about planning your business strategy for Valentine’s Day

  • 8-point checklist to help you achieve your marketing goals

  • NOTE: A basic understanding of Photoshop is necessary to adjust templates


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