5th Ave Beautiful Lightroom Presets & Custom Brushes Bundle

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70 presets + 30 brushes for fashion, wedding & portrait retouching + Bonus (Silverscreen PS Actions)

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Author: Gavin Philips

When time is short, do you find it harder to be creative?

Want to save time & keep yourself motivated?

With this retouching bundle, you’ll edit much faster & more creatively

Be honest, what would you say the most irritating part of editing is? Is it the fact that you’re alone with your computer? Or how it seems to take forever? I mean, how many steps, or tweaks, does it really take to reach the finish line? How do you even know when you’re there?

If you dread the moment the SD card pops out, you’re not alone. Editing is the killjoy of photography. The wet blanket. The party pooper. Who can really, in all honesty, say they enjoy culling, flagging, and then spot editing thousands and thousands of photographs?

If you’re one of those who do, then good for you. I mean it. Really! It’s something you should be proud of. See, while the rest of us are procrastinating by watching Vsauce videos on Youtube, you’re probably batch editing with presets just like these right now and getting ahead.

What made you different is that you already know about these shortcuts. You’ve either made them yourself or bought them a long time ago because you know they are useful. Now, for the rest of us, it’s time to work like these Lightroom lovers.

Gavin Phillips’s 5th Ave preset & brush bundle is how you do that. With them, you’ll find yourself editing with less frustrations and more punch. Even if you hate editing.

Specifically made for fashion, wedding, and portrait photographers, they help you save time. While also cutting out the amount of effort it takes to get to a good, clean foundation to edit from. Consistent, one-click, customizable, they’re easy to use and get the job done fast.

So if you want to automate how you remove distracting elements, how you improve color palettes, and how you make consistent looks, then install Lightroom presets and brushes which will be a lifesaver.

But they’re a limited-time promotion. So it won’t last long! If you’re looking to edit faster, you better hurry and buy this now!

Okay, let’s see how they look . . .

If you’re a fashion, wedding, or portrait photographer who wants to save time, just look below to see what these presets can do.

Beautiful Lightroom Presets
install lightroom presets
install lightroom presets
install lightroom presets

With them, you’ll work faster and increase how much you can get done. Download them today!

What’s included?

70 Lightroom presets for fashion, wedding & portrait photography

30 Custom Lightroom brushes to retouch skin, eyes & hair

Fully customizable & stackable

Lightroom 4+ & Lightroom CC

Windows + Mac compatible

Bonus – Free set of Silverscreen photoshop actions.

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3 reviews for 5th Ave Beautiful Lightroom Presets & Custom Brushes Bundle

  1. Maurice Tiggeler

    Great buy and instruction on webinar

  2. Conrad Pinto

    Great products and clear-cut instructions. Thanks for the lessons.

  3. Bella Fritz

    These presets are awesome!!!! It’s made my job easer when I’m editing my weddings. Thank you!!! I’m slowly getting my life back! 😉

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