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Over 2000 Affinity photo presets with 27 categories in one convenient package

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Author: MegaPresets

Photo presets. They are pure magic!

Yes, we know that seems like an exaggeration.

But how else can you instantly transform a color photo to glamorous black and white? Or give a dramatic twist to a stunning landscape? Or make a scene of a child playing look like a picture from a storybook?

It used to take hours of labor for photographers to achieve these magical effects. But with a good set of presets, we can now produce magical effects with just a few clicks.

Whenever we take a photo, no matter what the subject, we always have a vision in mind for that final result. We all know exactly how we want it to look when it’s all done. But actually making it happen is another story.

How many times have you settled for a photograph that was less than what you envisioned? Other people might look at it and say: “What a great photo!”

But you know in your heart that it could have been so much better and more amazing. If this has ever happened to you, that’s a sure sign that you haven’t found the right set of photo presets.

Affinity Photo Presets: One to Match Your Every Mood

At last, there’s a collection of photo presets that can meet all your creative needs.

No matter what kind of image you want, you’ll find the perfect preset to make it work effortlessly.

This package includes over 2000 amazing Affinity presets. These have been organized into categories, to help you find what you need quickly and easily.

  • Animals: 66 presets

  • Black & White: 78 Presets

  • Blogger: 80 Presets

  • Change the colors: 50 presets

  • Children: 95 presets

  • City: 80 Presets

  • Couples: 80 Presets

  • Darken: 81 presets

  • Film: 80 presets

  • Food: 80 presets

  • Freedom: 50 presets

  • Indoor: 80 presets

  • Wedding: 92 presets

  • Instagram: 80 presets

  • Landscape: 83 presets

  • Matte: 84 presets

  • Natural Touch: 80 presets

  • New Born: 100 presets

  • Night: 84 presets

  • Pastel: 77 presets

  • Portrait: 98 presets

  • Shooter: 78 presets

  • Sport: 80 presets

  • Studio: 80 presets

  • Sunset: 78 presets

  • Urban: 80 presets

  • Vintage: 97 presets

How to use LUTS in Affinity Photo

Some of The Category Images

affinity photo presets 1
affinity photo presets 5
affinity photo presets 6
affinity photo presets 7
affinity photo presets 8
affinity photo presets 9
affinity photo presets 10
affinity photo presets 11
affinity photo presets 12
affinity photo presets 13
affinity photo presets 14
affinity photo presets 15
affinity photo presets 16
affinity photo presets 17
affinity photo presets 18
affinity photo presets 19
affinity photo presets 20
affinity photo presets 21
affinity photo presets 22
affinity photo presets 23
affinity photo presets 24
affinity photo presets 25
affinity photo presets 26
affinity photo presets 27

Highlights Of The Bundle

  • The bundle contains over 2000 affinity photo presets divided into 27 popular categories.
  •  The presets work with both Mac and Windows machines
  • The presets work with all types of Affinity software & Mobile App too.
  • They can be digitally downloaded immediately after purchase
  • The package comes with step-by-step instructions, ensuring that you can use them without a hitch.

All the Reasons You Need This Bundle

With so many amazing possibilities in this collection, there’s no question that you want this bundle. But do you really need it? We think you do. And here’s why. The right set of presets can literally make or break you as a photographer.

They can instantly take any photo from mediocre to magical. If you’re not using Affinity photo presets, you are losing out on a necessary competitive edge.

Besides dramatic results, presets also simplify your workflow. What does that mean? It means more stunning photos, more visibility, and most importantly, a more enjoyable process.

Because, although it’s easy to lose sight of this, it’s supposed to be all about having fun. Once the fun goes away, there’s not much point in continuing. And with 2172 presets to play with, you can rediscover the joy of your craft. Will you really use all of them? We think so.

See Below Some Before/After Photos

affinity photo hdr presets
affinity photo presets
luminar presets children
luminar presets dark
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets
affinity photo presets

Every preset in this collection was created by experienced photographers and graphic designers. Like you, they refuse to compromise on quality. You can count on these presets to never disappoint.

How much would you pay to find this simplicity and joy in your work? Probably a lot. But you don’t have to.

For a limited time, this bundle (an almost $1000 value) is available for just $29.95.

This is an incredible deal, which will transform your craft forever. All for a one-time cost that’s less than the price of a tank of gas…and yet will take you much, much farther.

In fact, these presets will take you to the absolute limits of your imagination. Undoubtedly, there are other Affinity presets available on the Internet. But you won’t find anything quite like this.

The dizzying variety, the unbeatable quality, and most of all, the incredible value for money might just make this the best decision you ever made. So don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Get These Affinity Photo Presets Today To Create Unforgettable Photos Forever!


Plus Price: $23.95

48 reviews for Affinity Photo Presets Bundle

  1. Ray Farrell

    Great package a lot cheaper than photoshop , the tools look exactly like photoshop, therefore a no brainer really Love it

  2. Ray Farrell

    Very similar to photoshop at a fraction of the cost no brainer really

  3. allenparker

    This Affinity bundle is amazing. There are so many presets to help with any photographic session. Affordable and easy to use.

  4. Charles Kok

    Excellent product easy to use. Very happy.

  5. Aaron

    Easy to use and great selection!

  6. Charles

    Easy to install and use.

  7. MARC

    These are really good presets and has made working with Affinity a simple pleasure.

  8. Mark

    So easy and beautiful results are the end result.

  9. steve8852

    I haven’t used them much but these are a great addition to the toolkit for Affinity. These presets seem to be well designed and well worth what I paid.

  10. Doug Mungavin

    I like affinity and these presets make it even more useful!

  11. Vijay

    Great product. It helped me and saved a lot time. Thanks

  12. sqribble review

    You’ve made some decent points there. I checked on the net to find out more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

  13. Humberto Glass

    This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Many thanks!

  14. Manakin

    Good bundle, lots of options, did not test them all yet but the one that I used were great! Send an email to have some infos and got a quick answer.

  15. target market analysis

    Very good blog post. I absolutely love this site. Keep it up!

  16. [email protected]

    So many presets, great product, as promised!!!!!! Thank You!

  17. Michael Soto

    Great set of many different preset. Was able to able to load them on my IPad. The only thing I didn’t like is on my IPad I’m unable to see the presets before I implement them. Going to try on my desktop to see if that works better. Good buy saving myself loads of time in the future.

  18. Nichola

    Didn’t get the bundle I had purchased in my emails. I contacted them and they immediately sent me an email fixing this and I was able to download my bundle. Which was brilliant too! Wonderful customer service!

  19. [email protected]

    The preset are great. They were the easiest to download for Affinity Photo iPad Pro from the rest of the presets that I have tried. I just wish it was easier to know what each preset did without trying them all to see the affect.

  20. [email protected]

    Top notch product. Has made my life simple!

  21. Janelle Hall

    Wonderful bundle of presets for use with Affinity Photo.

  22. Dorothy Aho

    I purchased this and its a wonderful tool to add to my editing process .

  23. MEB

    Been a long member of Affinity Photo – Just recently purchased the Affinity Photo Bundle LUTs and going through some of my photo’s retouching them with these LUTs and they are looking great. Highly recommend package, offers a very wide variety and allows ones imagination go wild…

  24. Ron Moser

    So many wonderful presets. The only problem is that there are so many to go through (not really a problem)! I like the different categories they have set up. Very pleased.

  25. [email protected]

    As a new user to Affinity I thought it was a good deal as from other software promotions

  26. Chrissy

    Absolutely awesome! Didn’t expect it to be this great!

    Also the purchase of this bundle went absolutely smoothly!

  27. Fred Lutz

    Perfect presets. But I would wish me a preview

  28. imagaknit

    I am loving the Affinity Presets/LUTs. I like that I can use various blending modes and opacity changes to create many more than 2000 styles. I would definitely recommend these presets. The only thing I wish I had was a catalog of the looks of the presets.

  29. [email protected]

    Really nice product for quick edits

  30. Chuck

    Fast Delivery! New to Affinity and I know these will help me!

  31. Rick

    i love it, great package with over 2000+ presets.

  32. [email protected]

    Great package – albeit 2000 presents yes, but so many are very similar. This is just a ball park estimate, but I reckon you have about 250 noticeably different LUT effects here. But still great stuff.

  33. Lynn Knight

    Fabulous presets and having so much fun with my photos. Love it, love it, love it…

  34. Maria

    Greatly inspiring presets! I highly recommend this bundle to everyone who wants to have more creative workflow 🙂

  35. Christine

    I’m loving everything about the products that you offer to us photographers … and this Affinity pack is another great package to make post-editing that much easier! Thank you!!!

  36. William Kam

    I’m new to Affinity Photo. When I learned that PhotoWhoa was offering the Affinity Photo Presets Bundle, I made the purchase right away without hesitation. There are altogether 27 main categories in 9 zip files with countless presets in the form of CUBE files. Downloading and subsequently unzipping these files did take a long time. I discovered two things which are note-worthy. Firstly, there is no step-by-step instructions guide provided (as advertised). Secondly, the contents of Zip files No. 7 & 9 are identical. Upon inquiry, PhotoWhoa Support promptly sent me the relevant instructions guide as well as a help video and promised to solve the issue of duplication. Following the instructions, I managed to apply the presets to my images without any difficulties.

  37. John Magee

    Since moving from Photoshp to Affinity Photo I am amazed at what can be achieved and now I’ve got this amazing value bundle I can achieve even more with just a couple of clicks. I would recomend anyone who is working with Affinity Photo to get and use these LUTs

  38. Martin Robert Woolfe

    Truly amazing and what value. the 5 stars with this is only matched by the 5 stars for Affinity Photo. Couldn’t imagine one without the other

  39. Marc Aert

    Great stuff – very usefull

  40. Randy Smith

    I’ve left Lightroom behind a few years ago now for Affinity Photo and have not looked back! These presets make and already great program even better!! Highly recommended!!

  41. Ivor Taylor

    i am quite new to Affinity Photo, I ordered the presets and i didn;t have aclue how to use them, Photowhoa were excellent in the way they very quickly answered my querys. I now know how to use the presets and I am delighted with the product, I will be using Photowhoa again and and again. Many thanks for your help,

  42. CG

    So far so good. The fast number of options is incredible making it fun to work with photos.

  43. Kevin Anton

    Delivery of product and email support was outstanding!

  44. [email protected] a beginner in Affinity software I found this deal very helpful..

  45. Michael Carroll

    Product arrived within 10 minutes of purchase and was simple to transfer / download to PC.
    Chat facility with staff was superb prior to purchase and all working with quality equal to other companies charging a lot more.

  46. Doug Mungavin

    some really nice presets for affinity for the price

  47. [email protected]

    I love Affinity Photo and these presets make a great program BETTER! Very well designed, not cheesy presets, well thought out and presented. Go ahead – you’ll like them!

  48. Oscar

    I recently migrated from Lightroom to Affinity and I definitively do not regret the change.
    This Affinity bundle has been a real deal! There is something for every photographic occasion in it and, for the price, it is worth every peny!

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