Glide Strap + C-Loop + M-Plate Pro
An advanced camera strap system for unparellelled comfort

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Includes Glide Strap, C-Loop, M-Plate Pro

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Don't use a tripod? You only need the Glide Strap + C-Loop combo.

An advanced camera strap system for unparalleled comfort & support


The folks at Custom SLR have created an amazing camera strap system that is both comfortable and sleek-looking.

Here are the problems with your normal camera strap, and how Custom SLR's system is superior.

The complete Custom SLR strap system lineup

This system consists of three different components: the Glide Strap, the C-Loop, and the M-Plate Pro. Each part performs a different task to make your life as a photographer easier. Together they form an advanced camera strap system.


The Glide Strap: A superior camera strap designed to allow you to sling your camera to your side and prevent fatigue. The camera glides up so you can shoot quickly and look cool doing it.


C-Loop: Attaches your strap to your camera and gives you improved mobility for better handling.


M-Plate Pro: Designed to allow you to easily mount your camera to a tripod when your tripod mount is being used, gives you multiple mounting points, and increases tripod mount compatibility.

"It makes shooting with my DSLR for street photography far better."
Eric Kim
"The Glide Strap is indeed a very comfortable strap and one of the finest I've used."
Photography Blogger

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